Indonesia's Government and Economy

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Indonesia is a republic lead by President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla since 2014. They are also the Chief of state and head of government. The government is divided into three branches like the United States. The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch. The Legislative is a bicameral assembly with 132 seats elected every five years. The President, Vice President, and cabinet make up the Executive branch. The president is elected every five years and is eligible for a second term. Cabinet members are elected by the president. In the judicial branch there is the Supreme Court, and Constitutional Court. The supreme court has 51 members and the Constitutional has 9. Judges serve until retirement age (70) and are elected by various officials.


The Economy type of Indonesia is in between capitalist and socialist. Indonesia has a lower middle income and is still developing and tertiary. The GDP is $2.5 trillion and GDP per capita is 10,200. While their per capita is still increasing, it is still only ranked 133rd in the world. Not having a high salary can cause more problems including homelessness, hunger, and lack of standard of living. The Indonesian currency is the Rupiah, which is worth 0.00008 of a U.S. dollar. There are almost 12% of people living below the poverty line showing a need for change. Indonesia has 166.7 billion dollars in imports and 179.4 billion dollars in exports. This shows that they maintain more money exported than imported resulting in no debt. Indonesia's currency value is extremely low as well as their GDP per capita. This shows need for great change in their economy.

The Arts and Entertainment

Festivals and Holidays

Indonesia has 4 types of holidays. They are religious, national, international, international, and commemorative. There are thirteen days that are signified as national holidays during which people have the day off. Having Christian, Muslim, and Hindu, there are various religious holidays celebrated in Indonesia. One especially important holiday is on August 17th, Indonesian Independence day. For weeks in advance people string banners of the Indonesian flag along shops, malls, and houses. Neighborhoods host games for children to win prizes. The president gives a speech followed by various solemn celebrations.

Arts and Sports

Interestingly enough, Indonesia has more professional badminton players than any other sport. They also have a large number of actors, actresses, and singers. One famous theater is the Indonesian puppet theater. The style of puppets are from buffalo hide and have been made the same way since the 800s. This theater provides a huge piece of history and culture to the area of southeast Asia. Indonesia is the proud home of ancient cave paintings thought to be over 35,000 years old. Indonesia has many other museums including the national museum of Indonesia, the textile museum, and the museum of fine arts and ceramics. The music of Indonesia shows its cultural diversity and rich history.


1. Out of the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia, only 6,000 are inhabited.

2. Indonesia has the 2nd highest level of biodiversity in the world

3. Indonesia is the biggest exporter of frog legs in the world.

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