Samuel Merino

& Estefania Magana

Who Was Yertle The Turtle?

Yertle was not a favorite of some turtles, he was very messed up; He was cruel, and selfish, a leader that only thought about himself, and his own benefits. He thought that because he was the ruler of a pond he could rule everything else. At the end, the only thing he became the ruler of was mud, tragic.

Who was Hitler?

He was a very cruel person, who enjoyed killing people who did not worship him. He was the one who started the Holocaust. He was a terrible German dictator; he led the Germans in World War II, and he wanted the world to be full of people with blonde hair and blue eyes, which is really creepy and weird.


The similarities are that their hunger for power was endless. They were both viscous people, only thought about themselves pretty much very selfish people. They we very messed up (Loons) and mean. Everything they did was just all for their benefits, and they didn't care hurting others because they only thought about themselves.