Monday Memo

January 18, 2016


I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying your 3 day weekend. I wanted to take a moment and share a personal reflection with you all. Last week, I had a day when I had forgotten both of my school computers at home. Yes, I said both! I left my Mac and my Dell on my kitchen counter. Oddly, I didn't miss or notice until I got to work and started to open the car door and realized...there sat an empty space...where these items would usually be. My initial thought go back and get them...but after a little more time and settling in my office...I thought, I'd try to make it it through the day with out them. What could I get accomplished? I checked my email on my phone periodically during the day...and a few other things were easily adapted, but overall, the day wasn't terribly different, other than an opportunity to review the books on my shelf in my office. The next day...I managed to get to school with my computers, but realized I left my keys and and badge on the kitchen counter. Those that know what this means....I carry two keys, one is master for the building and one is key to my office. On a day, when there were no other back-up key holders around. Not having your computers are one thing...not having keys to even get into your office is a whole other story. Again, I thought about going back home to get them..but challenged myself....lets see what you can get done by not going into your office today. Amazingly, I managed to get through they day....spent more time with students and teachers in classrooms, worked from the conference room and even some classrooms instead of my office. Most of you wonder where this story is going....well, after some thought of how different these two days were...simply because my routine or habit was changed. We become such creatures of habits, that sometimes we fail to see the benefit or the things that would have otherwise been a missed opportunity because we are so dependent upon our rituals and habits. So all of this to say, lets look for opportunities to turn mistakes or changes in routine an opportunity for further learning. How can we respond to students when this happens to them? How can we respond to colleagues when this happens to them? How can you respond to yourself when this happens to you? We've all been there, we will all be there again sometime.

This Week's Birthday's

Nycole Blakley 1/21

PLC & Faculty Meeting Agenda's ~January 19, 2015


  1. Prepared to discuss and demonstrate the common assessment for reading and math for this month. Common assessments will be administered January 24-29th. (1-6th)
  2. Brief overview of grading, modifications, accommodations for students on an IEP.

Faculty Meeting

  1. There will be a faculty meeting on the 19th of January. You will need your macbooks. We will be completing the LoTi Digital-Age Survey. It will take about 20 minutes to complete. Your user name and passwords will also be given to you at that time for the LoTi Lounge website and we'll answer any questions if at al possible. We expect to be finished on-time by 4:00pm.
  2. We will have the kits for the Family Literacy night available for you. You will have a couple of weeks to review them. On February 2nd faculty meeting we will have an hour of Parent Involvement PD that will focus on the Dual Capacity Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships. This model promoted by the US Department of Education, recommends best practices to develop strong partnerships in effectively raising student achievement and school improvement. The Scholastic literacy kits are designed around this model as well.

Grading Policy

Grades should include an average of 2 grades per subject each week. Grades can include written assignments, quizzes, tests, participation credit, portfolio, projects, oral presentations, etc. Grades must be submitted in a timely manner. Parents are granted access to SmartWeb and expect to see their child’s grades entered in a timely manner. Alternative grading methods are appropriate for students on an IEP, 505, RTI, etc.

Administrator's will be checking SmartWeb on a weekly basis through out the second semester.

Blended Learning with Lexia Learning Core5

Bottom Line excerpts......

As I mentioned early, I had a day to review books on my bookshelf and found a few that would be helpful to many of us. Based on conversations and feedback from you all, I thought I'd share some of the gold nuggets from this book. I have also included a link to a Prezi presentation for you. I will continue to review the book and share additional insights over the next few weeks.

If you want your students to want to be in your classroom, then you have to convince the that you actually want them there. There is nothing more effective than daily greeting your students, every morning or every class period, by name! If you consistently greet your students every day, then you will soon decrease y our discipline problems drastically.

Do Greet:

"Good Morning, I"m glad to see you"

"Welcome back, we missed you".

"Hello, you look great in uniform today, thank you so much!"

Don't Greet:

"Hurry up, your almost late"

"Get to work, its' on the board"

Bonus: It doesn't hurt to say good by to each student name when they leave in the afternoon.

50 Ways To Improve Student Behavior

Please click the link to view the Prezi Presentation

Faculty Calendar

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