Exoplanet Project

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Kepler 22b " Super Earth" Facts

  • It was discovered in February of 2011 and confirmed in December 2011.
  • It orbits slightly closer to its parent star the earth orbits the sun
  • Covered in oceans or even a small gas planet.
  • If it reaches to much energy from its star it could suffer from a runaway greenhouse effect, resulting in baking hot surface temperatures similar to those on Venus
  • It orbits its star every 290 days

Problems about Kepler 22b

  • The gravity is twice as strong as earths
  • The air may not be breathable
  • With the planet absorbing to much energy it can maybe cause illness to skin or to body.

Here are some facts about Kepler 22b


  1. Build solar panels to absorbs some of the excess energy
  2. Just like science shows we could potentially adapt to the new years,gravity,and climate.
  3. Apparently from further research scientist have built something called a biosphere,Kepler 22b is habitable and has a great water source just like earth and has a bigger diameter for bigger population.