James Madison


Admission requirments and application fee

four years of math (one full year beyond algebra II)three years of laboratory science (biology, chemistry and physics: general science or earth science usually does not count as a lab science)three to four years of the same foreign language or two years of two different foreign languagesfour years of Englishfour years of social science$50 application feeOfficial high school transcripts including senior year schedule and ACT or SAT I test scores sent directly from the testing agency

Sites and Attractions Nearby

Virginia Quilt Museum, Charlottesville, Civil Wat Sites, Bravo's Italian Eatery, Bourbon Street, Caverns

Department, Degree, Hours, and Tuition

Department of Psychology, Degrees earned: B.A. or B.S., Earn at least 15 credits and work 150 hours, Tuition: $391 per credit hourTuition reimbursement: limited to three courses per person during the fiscal year, applies to all fulltime employees

Activities and Leadership Roles

Activities: math/stat club, tea time, department picnic, colloquiaLeadership Roles: INU Executive Council

Job Placement

College of Health and Behavioral Studies, study of human and animal behavior, internships and practica through the department

Sports/ Activites I'm Interested In

field hockey, paintball, tennis

Interesting Links

http://www.jmu.edu/recreation/about/index.shtml, http://www.jmu.edu/map/,    http://info.jmu.edu/fsl/

Quotes and Comments

"I think JMU is a great school and has many strong points.  In fact I love everything about it, only I would not recommend students who are seriously invested in archaeology to attend," 70% of students would choose to return to JMU, whereas 30% would not.