Emily Silverman's Sushi Order

Kappa Maki

A regular Cucumber Roll

Avocado Maki

A sushi roll with avocado and sesame seeds

Nasu Dengaku

A broiled eggplant appetizer (not a sushi roll)

Beef Negima

Thin, grilled strips of teriyaki beef wrapped around scallions

Yaki Udon

Thick noodles served with vegetables, chicken or beef (entree)

Vegetable Tempura Maki

Sushi roll made with sweet potato tempura (fried sweet potato)

Avocado and Cucumber Special Handroll

One of the limited choices for non-fish eaters, this sushi roll combines the two previous ones and includes both avocado and cucumber in one roll

Shiitake Mushroom Tempura Maki

A sushi roll containing mushroom tempura (fried mushrooms)