Mid-term Recovery Week 金曜日

きんようび - All late assignments from lessons 1 through 8 due!

Late Assignments from lessons 1 through 8 are due today!

It's the end of the first 9 weeks of this class!!

Lessons 1 through 8 will close at the end of the day, 11:59 PM.

After today, you will not be able to submit work for these lessons (unless you have an IEP, 504, or other extenuating circumstance).

A Note About Late Vocabulary Quizzes

If you have taken your vocabulary quiz, and the grade is still a zero:


2. All late quizzes need to be graded manually by your teacher (that's me!)

3. Please allow 24 hours for your quiz to be graded.

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Lots of good reasons why NOT to use a web translator!

すごい! I was really impressed with your responses on the web translator quiz - way to go everyone! I'll be adding this bonus on on MONDAY - which will be AFTER I have graded all of the mid-term projects. Thanks for your patience!


  • "You would end up getting your answers wrong and it is a form of plagiarism. " ~ Ashley

  • "It will hurt you a lot, because translators do not use proper grammar and often use the wrong words that do not fit with the context/meaning of the text." ~ Miranda

  • "It is plagiarism which is illegal and could greatly damage your grade and even get you a 0 on your assignment. " ~ Colin

  • "You won't get a grade because you technically didn't do the work, you won't actually learn anything, and even if the teacher doesn't check if you used an online translator, more than likely the translation will be wrong. " ~ Veronica

  • "First of all, it is cheating and plagiarism. Second of all, it is incorrect, so you wouldn't receive a very good grade for "your" work." ~Amaya

  • "You can be given an incorrect translation without knowing it and submit a assignment with improper vocabulary and/or grammar." ~Chris C.

  • "You will think your translation is right and may study that wrong translation for a test. " ~ Sonya

Are you missing speaking assignments because you can't find a partner?

Use the sign-up wiki! It's THE BEST way to find out if someone has a partner or not.

If you are OK with working with someone outside of your section, try posting on Padlet.

I've shared the Padlet between all of my sections, so you will hopefully be able to find someone who is looking for a partner! Just follow the example.

Are you missing coaching assignments? This is the last day to submit make-ups to count for the 1st 9 weeks grade!!

Click here to read the coaching make-up directions

Remember: I will only accept up to FOUR make-up method 2 submissions at any given time.

しつもん が ありますか。

You can e-mail and text me any time with your questions!

On Fridays, my office hours are from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM! During office hours, you can find me on Blackboard Instant Messenger!

...and now, this recovery week's final inspirational Pokémon...

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よい しゅうまつ を! Have a nice weekend! ^__^