Wilson Weekly

Week of October 30th, 2017

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Congrats Dr. Pugh!

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Action Items

  • SLO "Check-In" - Your first "check-in" on your team SLO should happen this 9 weeks. Mary and/or I are happy to help your team with this! Team Leads - look at your Collaborative Team Time upcoming agendas, and think about when you will plan on discussing this as a team.
  • Team SMART Goals - Some teams have started making plans to begin evaluating their progress on their team SMART goals. Be thinking of when/how your team will monitor this!
  • LPAC Management Training - The first of the two trainings was held last week, but had to end early because accounts were not accessible. To make things easier on everyone, Jennifer will now hold 1 training at our November Faculty Meeting (this coming Wednesday). Hopefully this will help everyone with scheduling and will take up one less afternoon for you.
  • GE Greeter Practice - See below on how we can help each other improve our class greetings!
  • Super Teachers - It's late notice, but Super Teacher nominations are due Monday. If you'd like to recognize an outstanding teammate, use the link below.

GE Update

The first of our GE Coaching Days was delayed. As new days are scheduled, we will add them to the Wilson Important Dates.

In the meantime, we'd like to share a few beginning of the year observations and celebrations and discuss 1 next step.


  • I'm so proud of how quickly our learners (and educators) have gotten into the "swing of things" with leading Rise & Shine. It's great to see students' leadership skills and to see each class put their own spin on the morning. I appreciate all the work you are putting in to prepping your kids!
  • Addressing audiences by name and using complete sentences is an additional practice being implemented successfully in multiple classrooms. Continue pushing kids, and giving this the time needed for implementation.
  • Use of recitation - I have observed several classrooms where educators are successfully using recitations of poems (or even the Preamble!) during transitions. Not only does it address our practice of "memory work and recitation," it is also helping ensure smooth and quick transitions. Well done!

Greeter Practice

After speaking with several educators, I'd like to give our kids more opportunities to practice class greetings. Additional practice will help ensure the practice is smoother and more natural. Here's where I need your help! The admin team and support staff will all make it a priority in the next 2 weeks to come around more often to let your kids practice. I'd also invite you to join in as well. Please take a few moments during your conference period over the next 2 weeks, and pop-in another class to give kids additional practice greeting. To help you out, we've arranged a buddy grade level for you to partner with.

  • Kinder & 4th Grade (just be aware of Kinder's early lunch time)
  • 1st Grade & 2nd Grade (just give 2nd time to come in from recess)
  • 3rd Grade & 5th Grade (just keep in mind that 3rd goes to lunch at 11:45)

Thank you for your help!

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Curriculum Courier

There is not an updated version from the district this week.

DLI Program Evaluation

As a follow-up to the Team Leader Meeting agenda item of DLI Program Evaluation, I wanted to let you know that I had a meeting this week to finalize the plan of action. There will be several different components of the program review (parent interviews, admin interviews, observations, teacher interviews, data analysis, etc).

These are the 2 parts of the program evaluation that will have a direct impact on you:

  • Classroom Observations - Starting within the next few days, Pooja Shivraj will begin informal observations in both Wilson AND Denton Creek DLI classrooms. These are not evaluative or a part of T-TESS. The information will not be shared with anyone (including me). The purpose is to gather data on how the DLI model is being implemented. Pooja asked that I give you the heads-up that she will be popping in, and wanted me to ask you to be as comfortable as possible. :)
  • Teacher Meetings - I will be working with Pooja to schedule a day where she will meet with each DLI partnership. She has a list of questions that she will ask each partner team (from Wilson AND Denton Creek) aimed to learn more about model implementation, educator's perceptions, educator needs, etc.

As soon as I have more information on both the classroom observations and teacher meetings, I will pass it along. I just wanted to give you a heads up now that the program evaluation is moving forward. Thank you all for your flexibility!

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"EL Essentials"

Check out the button below to access Jennifer's new ESL SMORE. It's got great updates on Imagine Learning, Accommodations "needs-to-know," Sentence Stems/Frames Strategies, and more!

Week At A Glance

  • 1st Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • DLI Meeting @ DCE -3:30 - All DLI Educators attend


  • Enjoy your day!


  • Welcome Back Mrs. Pugh!!!!
  • 1st Day of November!
  • Kids of Character Breakfast - 7:30
  • Kinder Collaborative Team Time
  • Faculty Meeting - 3:30
  • 4th Grade Design Night - 5:30


  • 5th Grade Collaborative Team Time


  • Rise & Shine
  • 4th Grade Collaborative Team Time

Don't forget about Daylight Savings Time on Sunday! Enjoy the extra hour!