Greek God Apollo

By: Erick Hernandez, Daniel Alvarez, Adam Babcock






Domain/Natural ass'n

God of prophesy, Healing , Music, Poetry, Knowledge, and the Sun


Lyre, Laurel, Wreath, Python, Raven, and a Bow and Arrows
Greek God Apollo UPDATED

Apollo video

In this video it talks about Apollo's family, symbols, and his personality traits.


Nasa missions

Hospital's for example, there is a Hospital in in India called Apollo hospital.

Bow and Arrows

In this website it talks about the history of the bow and arrows from back 20,000 BC. It shows paintings on men using bow and arrows to survive back then.

Music article

In the article it talks about how music relaxes you or express how you feel. Music helps people who go through something.
Karaoke Walking On Sunshine - Katrina And The Waves *


The reason we choice this song because in the song talks about the sun. Apollo is the god of the sun which relates to it.