Religions: What are They All About?

By: MacLean Bowie


Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with many different varieties of it. It's a monotheistic religion that believes that Jesus, the son of god, was sent to Earth to 'show us the way' and die to take are sin for us. Christians follow a holy book called the bible, which has two parts, the old and new testament. The major holidays are Christmas and Easter. At Christmas they celebrate Jesus's birth and at Easter which celebrates Jesus's resurrection.

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A polytheistic religion that believes that their god Allah provides salvation for those who deserve it. Many are willing to prove their loyalty even through death. Their holy book is the Koran. Ramadan is the main holiday which is when Muslims fast for the ninth month of every year. Common rituals are attending the mosque, praying five times a day, giving money to the poor, taking a pilgrimage to mecca and fasting.

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A monotheistic religion that is similar to Christianity, but unlike Christians they believe that Jesus was nothing more than a wise teacher. They follow their holy book called the Torah. The primary holiday is Hanukah which is celebrated by lighting a holy candle and giving gifts for eight days. Typical practices include attending the synagogue, praying. eating certain ceremonial foods, and wearing Yamahas while praying.

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A polytheistic religion with thousands of gods representing different aspects of the universe. They believe in karma which is basically a running tally of all of the bad things you have done in your life. Based on that number that will determine what you are reincarnated as. The primary holy books are the Vedas series although they also follow the Ramayana and the Bhargavad-Gita. There of their holidays are Dassera- Victory over the demon king Ravana. Rama Navami- birthday of Lord Rama. And Krishna Jayanti- the birthday of Krishna. Common practices include attending the temple, praying, and not consuming beef.

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Has no god and is all about understanding suffering and the universe. They have eight rules you must follow to achieve 'nirvana' also know as The Noble Eightfold Path. They rules are: Having right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right progress, right mind, and right concentration. They are known for meditation. Their main holidays are Vesak and Bodhi Day which acknowledge the life and death of Buddha. Buddha was known for not teaching the life lessons that he had learned but teaching people how to realize them for themselves.

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