3 Things I Enjoy Doing

By Elaina Phillips

Writing & Reading Stories

Usually when I have nothing to do, I'll start thinking about things I've written (mostly stories on Google Docs) and then BAM. Another idea pops in my brain. So at that point, I'll get on Google Docs and start writing stuff, occasionally with my friends. The only problem is I get writer's block pretty often so I try to work on the story I just started, can't figure out how to write out my ideas, get a different concept that's similar, and then try to write that. And so the vicious cycle continues.. I also like reading books too, so I included the cover of one of my top 5 favorite books in the pictures on the bottom of this page.


Another thing I like to do when I'm bored is draw pictures of either book characters, characters from anime or video games, or just random characters that pop in my head.

Watching Anime

And finally, watching anime is my third thing that I enjoy doing. Anime, if you didn't know, is Japanese animation (it's essentially cartoons from Japan, only better) with usually hand-drawn or designed characters, backgrounds, etc. The genres range quite a bit. Some animes are supernatural, action, drama, adventure, and sometimes just really weird ones..