World History Final

Study Guide

French Revolution

Causes: poor government decisions, raise in bread price, financial strains

Significant Events: storming of Bastille, National Assembly, great fear, protests upon commoners

Napoleon failed in Russia with the French army because he was unprepared for weather

Three Estates***

Adam Smith, Locke, Voltaire

Smith: free economy and markets (capitalism or law of self interest)

Locke: self government and natural rights

Voltaire: freedom of speech and religion

Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment Review

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain first because they were the first to industrialize

IMPACTS: growth of cities, bad working conditions, middle class emerged, social difficulties


A belief of ethical or political principles
  1. the acceptance of or belief in absolute principles in political, philosophical, ethical, or theological matters.


A government that takes total centralized control over every aspect of public and private life. When a leader takes over a non-ruling poor country

Emerged when a poor poverty strucken country a strong dictator often comes in to help and take control

Bolshevik Revolution

Slogan: peace, bread and land

Another name for the Bolshevik's was the Russian Revolution

They were the communists before the Soviet Union joined together

Treaty of Versailles and US during WWI and WWII

Beginning of WWII

The goal was to make peace between Germany and the allies. Germany was blamed and forced to pay back.


During WWI the American ships that delivered goods were being sunk by the Germans causing America to join

In WWII Americans joined due to Japan at Pearl Harbor

Their strategy in the Pacific during the last 6 months of fighting was island hoping