The Latin American Country

Background information

Capital: Paramaribo which is located on the banks of Suriname river in the Pararibo District And Paramaribo is the largest city in Suriname

Major Cities: Matapi , Moengo , Nieuw Amseterdam , Albina

Suriname Flag , Dutch words and the Suriname River

History , geographical information , political information , economic information , and tourist information

History: Suriname was controlled by another country which was The Netherlands , Suriname gained there independence on November 25 , 1975

Geographical information : Suriname is on the northeastern Alantic Coast of Amercia borded by French Guiana to the east , Guyana and Brazil to the south some physical features are the Guiana highlands 1200 miles ( 1930 km ) high

Political information: Suriname has a liberal democracy and the leader of Suriname is Dési Bouterse

Economic information: the currency is Surinamese dollars and the economic system is capitalism

Tourist information:( A) people should visit Suriname to go swimming in the Suriname river and go on a tour to see the juliatop mountains which is the tallest mountain in Suriname

(B) tourist should go see the Zealand fortress in Paramaribo built in 1640 and see the Central Suriname Nature Forest created in 1998