Little Tennessee

River Basin


It a tributary of the Tennessee River that runs thought Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. The headwaters begins at northeast Georgia, and the mouth is in Franklin NC.

How long is the Basin

The Little Tennessee River is a 135-mile long, starts from Tennessee and runs through North Carolina all the way to Georgia.


In this river basin, 1,797 people live here and most of them fish and Boat in the river.
Little Tennessee River


Bryson city, Robbinsville, Franklin, and Sylva are examples of some of the major town and cities located in the little Tennessee River Basin. paddling is a very popular recreational activity in the Little Tennessee. Macon, Cherokee, graham, Jackson, and Swain are countries that are located in the Little Tennessee River Basin. 89% of Little Tennessee River Basin is forested. The water quality located in the Little Tennessee River basin is considered generally excellent. The 24 mile-long reach of the Little Tennessee River between Franklin and Fontana reservoir supports the greatest diversity and abundance of native aquatic species in the region. The major problems affecting species and habitats in the Little Tennessee Basin are dams and associated impacts, and excessive erosion and steam sedimentation. Investigate potential for priority mollusk and fish population restoration in Cheoah river. As appropriate, support and participate in specific activities to restore population in the Cheoah River. The sedimentation and introduction of the nutrients and organics into rivers as a result of flood also is a large source of non-point pollution. point source pollution in the Tennessee Valley has been reduced considerably.