What we have done so far in class

by Braedon Spencer

Publick speaking assinment

We took a bunch of the things that we are good at and made a presentation on them. I learned that I am good at a lot of things that I use to think that im not good at. I also learned that im not bad at giving public speaches.

calendar and organization

We had this list of things that we were suppose to put daily things in our lives on the calendar like every day we have school from 8:00am to 4:00pm and other activities. This made me learn how to use the calendar and what it can be used for. http://weknowyourdreams.com/calendar.html

creation/ building of object

Kolbe and I were planning on building a hover board because it was a cool idea and no one has made it. Half way through this project we realized that we don't have the things for the board to come up in the air. We then gave up on the idea but at least it is an idea that was cool.

Were am I going

We were given a link that lead us to a bunch of questions that asked what are your hobbies and what you are good at. Then once you were done with all the question the gave you a resaults on what job you would do.

Fixed/ growth mindset

We learned that a fixed mindset is were you are like It doesn't matter how hard I trie I will always be this way. A growth midset is were you are getting better as you trie for it.

typing test

We started off typin g in the begining of the quarter and we tested how many words per minute. We started off slow but then succesfuly grow as we do more. https://www.nitrotype.com/

motivational poster

We made a postr with a picture and some qoutes in it about how doing drugs is bad and how helpful is google.

5 tips for successful students

We went to a link that brought use to a bunch of tips for being succesful. This helps because I now know what to do to be succsesful.