Canada and Turkey in 2040

By: Ummuhan Palaci

What to expect in this smore...

While reading this smore I will be observing the push and pull factors of Canada and Turkey now and in the future. I will also be talking about immigration, demography, death rates and birth rates.

Canadian Immigration (2015 vs. 2040)

- In 2015 Canada focuses on all types of immigrants but this will change in 2040 because Canada's population will be aging.

- Canada might be in the need of economic immigrants in 2040.

- Immigration policy will be based on long-term social and economic objectives and a commitment to citizenship.

- It will also be evidence-based, comprehensive, fair and respectful to human rights. While doing that the immigration policy should always enhance Canada's reputation around the world.

- By 2040, Canada significantly limit the number of temporary foreign workers entering Canada by increasing the number of permanent residents to Canada through a process that is geared towards targeted recruitment.

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Canadian Demography (2015 vs. 2040)

- The proportion of the elderly in Canada should continue to increase rapidly until around 2030 which will lead for Canada to have much more elderly people in 2040 than 2015.

- Canada's population growth rate (+1.1%) was the highest among the G7 (Group of Seven) countries, exceeding that of the United States (+0.7%), the United Kingdom (+0.6%), France (+0.4%), Germany (+0.3%), Italy (+0.1%) and Japan (-0.2%).

- In 2040, Canada's population is predicted to reach 43.041.000

- Canada is in Stage 4 in 2015 but is believed to reach Stage 5 in 2040 with low death and birth rates which will cause Canada to have a higher population.

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Distribution of Population by Age Group, 1971–2061

Turkey Compared To Canada (2015 vs. 2040)

Turkey- Increase by 913 125 persons or 1.21% in 2014

Canada- Increase by 276 297 persons or 0.79% in 2014

Net Migration

Canada- 196 362

Turkey- 37 739

Natural Increase


(357 274 ÷ 35 432 690) x 1 000 = 10.0

(277 339 ÷ 35 432 690) x 1 000 = 7.8

10.0 - 7.8 = 2.2


(1 326 769 ÷ 76 239 298) x 1 000= 17.4

(451 382 ÷ 76 239 298) x 1 000= 5.9

17.4 - 5.9 = 11.5

Growth Rate

Canada: The growth rate is 1.15 and it has been at the same rate for the last few years.

Turkey: The growth rate is 1.77 and it has been slowly increasing for the last few years.

Push and pull factors of Turkey:

Turkey has been going through economic issues. It's stock marketing is getting ignored. Also there is a high level of unemployment and a low class education. Students that are in secondary schools are struggling with the education program. A pull factor can be that people that know Turkish and English mainly are migrating to Turkey for job opportunities in tourism and teaching.

Push and pull factors of Canada:

The main pull factors can be the fact that Canada has lots of economic opportunities, a high standard of living, a universal health care system, a low crime rate, and the opportunity to succeed. There aren't any main push factors other than the fact that the climate is extremely cold and unbearable for a lot of people. Plus, taxes in Canada are extremely high.

I think that all of the pull and push factors of Turkey and Canada will remain the same if Turkey doesn't change it's education program where you will need to pass a test to go to the next grade. If Turkey does change the education program and decides to observe the assignments and the overall marks of students during the whole year I think more people will be able to graduate.

Canada's Median Age Today - 40.3

Canada's Median Age in 2040 - 50

Turkey's Median Age Today - 29.8

Turkey's Median Age in 2040 - 40

Canada's Fertility Rate Now - 1.66

Canada's Fertility Rate in 2040 - 1.00

Turkey's Fertility Rate Now - 2.07

Turkey's Fertility Rate in 2040- 1.50

Turkey's % of Population Over 65 Now: 2.7%

Turkey's % of Population Over 65 in 2040: 5.1%

Canada's % of Population Over 65 Now: 5.2%

Canada's % of Population over 65 in 2040: 5.3%


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