On a storming night group of people stole a truck their names were Ferdnando,King Mohammmed,Anthony,Stephan and Trinket.They came across a baby they stopped in the middle of claymore bridge Ferdnando got out the stolen truck and said to the baby move the baby turned out to be midget whos name was Prosperoke. The bridge collapsed underneath them they all woke up scattered across claymore's jungle island where prospercoke was watching them on top of pride rock.Ferdnando saw Miranda,Prosperoke's daughter,Ferdando ran after Miranda they met in the middle of the jungle were they fell in love and they ran to the bridge on their way there they saw a glimps of Ariel the slenderman he was going after Mohammed and Anthony scaring them to the bridge. Trinket and stephan come across a unicorn named caliban he tried to tell them to kill prosperoke but they got chased away by a pack of german shepherds to the bridge.They all met up at the bridge with everything as it was and everyone leaving together. THE END