Poem Project



I am Jake

I see santa

I hear his reindeer laughing

I love that he gives me presents

I fear that he knows when we are sleeping or awake

I know he is a stalker

I hate that he watches you 24_7

I remember when he got me xbox360 games

I believe that he works as a spy for krampas

I am scared of santa

personification line 3 / I am poem

Secret Cake

Billy the baker

went in an ally way

next to a cake factory

at midnight

to eat a cake like a pig that has not eaten in forever

simile line 5/ 25-w poem

Sun fells like a million degrees

Um dude that worm looks roasted

Man its hot so lets go to the pool

Mantle of the earth is not even this hot

Every summer Hawaiian Falls is packed

Rain better come soon

Hyperbole line 1 and 4/ acrostic



crazy crafty

at the ocean

very from home

a whale made a wave

then a giant squid came forth

with a giant shark tagging along

then he found a med-kit to help

allteration line 2/pyrymid poem



has a big stinger

inside a beehive

to make honey

polonate flowers

its probably the busiest animal ever buzz buzz

onomatopoeia line 6/ look at what I found poem


I made a goal

in the super bowl

similar to a goat

on a football boat

then the staidem was sold

limerick/ metaphor line 3