SWMP Graphing Tool Re-Launch!!

User-friendly and easy to navigate with a fresh design

SWMP Graphing Tool includes some new features

Hi everyone,

We now have a new version of the SWMP graphing tool! This merits a grand celebration! Please thank the following people for their work, they were instrumental in giving quick advice and thoughtful input! Thank you Melanie, Sarah, Kenneth, Joan, Suzanne, Sarah Nuss, Anne Marie, Adam and Maureen!!


1) We are planning to hold a SWMP practice graphing tool webinar in April. We promise it will be fun! Details to come later in the week.

2) Please do NOT distribute this announcement outside of the NERRS family. We still have a few things we need to get done to ensure we have put in place all supporting elements that go with the SWMP graphing tool. Nonetheless, you can go ahead and use it in your workshops!!


With this revised version of the SWMP graphing tool, you should all be able to access your own Reserve data with as few clicks as possible. In addition, you should be able to:

  • Compare two parameters at one station
  • Compare two parameters between stations in same Reserve
  • Compare two parameters between stations in different Reserves

Key new functions:

  • Stations are color coded to indicate which ones are real-time, versus non-real time active and non real-time non active
  • Stations are filtered to those with available data, after you have specified dates for your query.
  • Mouse over on the map and click on a station to find a pop up. That pop-up tells you the active dates for that station.
  • When you specify a date for a query, you can now pre-select end dates.
  • Need to make a change to the second parameter after you generated the graph? That is super easy! No need to reset, keep the graph on screen and just change your selections from the drop down boxes and plot again.



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Find a bug on the SWMP graphing tool? Report it!!! ;)

Please let Atziri know if you encounter any problems with the SWMP graphing tool! If you do, please include, in your e-mail, information about the browser you used and the steps you followed so we can reproduce them and figure out what is going on. Also, if possible, send a screen shot, so we can see what went wrong.