Jason's 40th Reboot

Ssshhh: It's a Surprise!

Time to Celebrate

I know many of us were unable to make it to Jason's original 40th birthday due to the snow storm so I am planning a surprise gathering at La Belle Vie to reboot his Monumental, Extra Large (XL) Birthday Bash. Bring yourself (check out the tasty Drink Menu) and join us in this surprise celebration!

Jason's 40th Reboot

Friday, Feb. 8th 2013 at 7pm

510 Groveland Avenue

Minneapolis, MN

I know you all enjoy Facebook (maybe not as much as Jason) and that's why I've opted to not post this there - please just RVSP by messaging me in facebook: emily.stull.7528@facebook.com - and let's surprise the bejeezus out of him with a lounge full of friends and luscious libations!