Welcome! Introducing Something New!

Taking the place you live & making it a place you LOVE!

AH! So EXCITED to share my NEW Home Decor Business with you ~ At Home!! :)

At Home is an innovative new ONLINE business dedicated to everything we LOVE about our HOMES!

There are many great things about At Home! First, is their AMAZING home decor & furnishing products at reasonable prices to make your home even more beautiful & stylish while staying on budget. There is something for every room in your house!

Second, is that you can join to become a consultant & not have to worry about throwing or booking parties, storing inventory or having to purchase start up kits because everything is done ONLINE & you make a commission on what you sell! However, if you love to throw parties - by all means have a party! The beauty of this business is so flexible & creative! You take it as far as you would like to go! How great is that?

And if that's not great enough, At Home took it even further & GREATER - they are offering FREE JOINING & FREE PERSONAL AT HOME WEBSITE for a limited time - like mine, but you name you're own! Example of my At Home website: http://inspiringnewbeginnings.athome.com


Think about joining my At Home Family Team. We are just getting started & need consultants everywhere & we would love to have you in our At Home Family!

All you have to do is: Go to my At Home website: http://inspiringnewbeginnings.athome.com/join-at-home.html and click JOIN TODAY! It only takes a couple minutes and bam you're in business! And if there's anything I can do to help you decide please email, call, text or FB, Twitter, LinkedIn Message me. I am here for YOU!

Many Blessings,

Sheri Rose LeDuc

At Home Lifestyle Consultant


Email: InspiringNewBeginningsHome@gmail.com

At Home Mobile: (813) 624-2384

At Home Personal Blog: http://inspiringnewbeginnings.com/

You can’t miss At Home's Weekly Flash Sales and Bundle Deal Items…HELLO Deals!!!

Products will be arriving daily from luxury home decor and furnishing retailers!

IKEA, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel & so many more to come!!

How cool is that? At Home's light will be getting brighter & brighter as time goes by!

Let 'At Home" Flip Your Switch!

Join Today FREE! Free At Home Personal Website! Extended Now Through February 28th!

BIG NEWS coming to Inspiring New Beginnings 'At Home'....just sayin' Don't miss it!

Why I Chose At Home? Answer: New Beginnings!

What a blessing it is to mix and share business and ministry with this incredible opportunity of beautiful upscale home decor products with others, as well as plant seeds into their lives of God's truth and light by encouraging and inspirational gifts for your home.

I am here to enrich and inspire you, so that you are encouraged to get out and share the things that inspires you. Share them with your family, your friends, your neighbors. You are surrounded by precious people who could all use a little bit of encouragement these days and inspiration…and a few who could use a lot. Maybe you’re one of those people. If so, I am here for you.

My prayer and goal at Inspiring New Beginnings 'At Home' is to show you that each new day is a God-given new beginning. Another opportunity to use your own unique gifts, talents, heart and mind to be a blessing, a support and an encouragement. No matter who you are and where you are in this journey we know as “life,” you can make a lasting impact in your family and the lives of others around you. And, when you need inspiration to get out and embrace the day, I will be here for you, working together, to see His Kingdom increase!

My Mission is to Keep first things first. But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthew 6:33) Share with those in need. Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality everywhere you go on your God journey (Romans 12:13) My Vision is I exist to spread good seeds of love one home at a time. We will become a lasting inspiration for all those we serve and made an eternal impact for His Kingdom.

I believe that the home is not just the four walls of a house. Home is a destination. Home is also a feeling. A place where peace of mind and peace of spirit are found. It’s how much we can make lives better starting in our own homes first, whether it’s by making them smile, laugh, cry, go ‘Ah-ha!’, feel empowered, feel informed, entertained and more inspired in their own surroundings, to go out and plant seeds in others lives – one home at a time.

Again, my prayer and goal is to help you shine in your inspired surroundings! Be inspired, so that you may inspire. Be blessed, so that you may be a blessing. Be embraced, so that you may be a friend. Be passionate or don’t do it at all. And always let your light shine for all the world to see. My motto is, "Your Home is Where My Heart is."

Many Blessings in Him. By Him. For Him.

Sheri LeDuc

Inspiring New Beginnings At Home

Co-Owner with Christ. Home Stager. Stylist & Professional High-End Thrifty Shopper.