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Enrollment Requirements

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368 Blazer Drive, Penn Laird, Virginia 22846

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Contact the Registrar, Debbie Correa at (540)289-3100 or (540)289-3101 to schedule an appointment to begin the enrollment process.

The following information is required to enroll a student at Spotswood High School: Or you may print out the required enrollment packet here.

Birth Certificate

Custody Papers (If student does not reside with a natural parent, legal custody papers from the court are required for enrollment.)

Proof of Residency (see attached sheet for requirements)


Grade 9 & 10:

Tdap – booster required for entry if at least 5 years since tetanus-containing vaccine. In addition to the following:

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12:

DTP – 3 doses, last dose must be received after age 4 – if the child has received 6 doses before the fourth birthday, additional doses are contraindicated.

Polio (OPV or IPV) – 3 doses of vaccine, last dose must be received after age 4 or 4 doses at any age.

MMR – 1 dose (after 12 mos. of age) and 2nd MMR or 2nd measles (rubella)

Hep. B – (Hepatitis B) – 3 doses; if student has RECOMBIVAX HB – 2 doses

No Physical Exam required for grades 9-12.

Transcript from previous school(s)

Copy of most recent report card

Copy of IEP or Special Education Records (if applicable)

Student Enrollment Form

Emergency Care Form

Demographic/Transportation Form

Parent Affirmation of Suspension Form

Consent to Exchange Information Form

Migrant Education Form

Federal Race/Ethnicity Form

Bus Rules Signature Form (remove from Student Handbook)

Student/Parent Handbook Verification Form (remove from Student Handbook)

Directory Information Form (remove from Student Handbook)

Media Release Form (remove from Student Handbook)

Residency Requirements

It is required that your primary residence (911 or physical address) be located within the Spotswood High School attendance area. As proof that you are residing here you must provide a minimum of three (3) of the following six (6) items:

1. A notarized statement – Certification of Residence form from the owner of the house where the person is living within the SHS attendance area, listing the names of the person and their child(ren) and a visit by a school official.

2. Notarized rental/purchase agreement for a house within the SHS attendance area with the person’s name and address on it.

3. Recent utility bills (electric, telephone, gas, etc.) with current name and address within the SHS attendance area.

4. Current Drivers license and automobile registration with current name and address within the SHS attendance area.

5. Current Car insurance and property insurance policies with current name and address within the SHS attendance area.

6. Recent Income tax W2 form and property tax bill with current name and address within the SHS attendance area.

You may also expect a home visit from a school official to verify that you are living in the SHS attendance area. No student will be enrolled at Spotswood until these requirements have been met.

§ 22.1-264.1. Misdemeanor to make false statements as to school division or attendance zone residency; penalty.

Any person who knowingly makes a false statement concerning the residency of a child, as determined by § 22.1-3, in a particular school division or school attendance zone, for the purposes of (i) avoiding the tuition charges authorized by § 22.1-5 or (ii) enrollment in a school outside the attendance zone in which the student resides, shall be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor and shall be liable to the school division in which the child was enrolled as a result of such false statements for tuition charges, pursuant to § 22.1-5, for the time the student was enrolled in such school division.

(2005, c. 178; 2006, c. 143.)