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If you've ever struggled to develop the perfect lesson plan that connects to the appropriate standards, integrates technology, and is engaging to students, chances are you're not alone. If you've ever left for the day thinking, "What did I get myself into with this teaching gig?" or "What could I have done differently to make that lesson more appealing?" Then, the resource you need to check out is Twitter! The wonderful social networking site is truly a mecca for educational ideas, professionals, and other educators like yourself sharing ideas, lesson plans, and frustrations. Step into the world of Twitter for Teachers and learn how your classroom can be transformed!

Signing Up

If you don't currently have a Twitter account, signing up is completely user-friendly . Once you log in to the site, head up to the right hand corner of the screen and Sign Up. It asks the basic questions and allows you to pick your Twitter Handle. That's a unique name you select so others may find and follow your tweets. You can choose to have a "school-specific" handle, or a personal handle where you follow educational favorites and personal favorites! After that, you're done and ready to head into the Twitter-verse! Of course, this is just the beginning. There's of course an app, too, for your convenient connectivity.

Let the Ideas Flow!

So, now what? You're all set up with your Twitter handle, but what are the next steps? Start tweeting? Start following? Start searching? ALL THREE! Even with only 140 characters to share and receive a message, you'll soon realize what powerful statements and ideas can be garnished from Twitter. However, the best advice I can offer is to stay consistent! Just like exercising or keeping up with commitments, Twitter is always changing (by the millisecond), so check in often and take something new with you each time!

Searching for the Right Information

Since Twitter is such a huge entity, it's important to know how to search to find the appropriate information without scrolling for two days to find it! The beauty of Twitter is the hashtag! This is the easiest way to find anything on any given topic you're looking for. For example, if you teach math, check out #mathchat for ideas, or if you're a special education teacher, search #spedchat to connect with educators around the globe teaching the same things you are! Or, if you're looking for something else, check out searches like #gafe for all things Google Apps, or #STEM to see science and technology resources.

Who do I follow?

There are so many fantastic educators on Twitter, including keynote speakers, authors of educational books, and other educators who share your interests. Once you start searching. you're bound to find someone who's teaching the same thing as you, tweeting about something interesting, or friends that you can add to your Following list. Don't forget to follow me @emosier3 and all of the other wonderful educators in the Davenport district.

Educational Twitter Chats

Even though Educational Twitter chats are a topic for a future Ed Tech Tip newsletter, they're worth mentioning here. They are simply a chat that occurs around a certain hashtag, with teachers that share that same interest, at a set time each week. Since they're global, there are chats happening at all hours of the day and night! So, feel free to join in. But, if you'd like to "get your feet wet," with a Twitter chat, I will be guest moderating the #Ditchbook chat tonight, Thursday December 1 for my inaugural moderator experience! Feel free to join us and chime in if you'd like. It happens at 9:00 PM CST and just search #Ditchbook on Twitter to join us!

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