The Fierce Animal

Background Info

Scientific Name = Gulo gulo

Length = 65 - 107 cm (Adult.) Weight = 9 - 25 kg (Adult)


The animal can be found in Arctic and subarctic regions in Canada, Northern Europe, Russia and Siberia.

Climate - Lives in cold places

Population - Unknown

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Anything from small rabbits to caribou.

Carnivore, it eats other animals before or after they are dead.

A wolverine can smell a corpse that's under 20 feet of snow. It can also use its claws to kill an animal.

A wolverine's worst predators is another wolverine and bears.

Interesting Facts

  1. Wolverines can go without eating anything for two weeks.
  2. It is easy to mistake other animals as a wolverine. Other species that may be commonly misidentified as wolverines include the American badgers, hoary marmots, small black bears or cubs, fishers, and dark colored red foxes.
  3. They can live 12 - 15 years.
  4. They love their territory.
  5. They hate people.

Interesting Characteristics

Claws. The wolverine's claws are its most important tool. Without them they wouldn't get any food.


The claws of the wolverine are its most useful tool.