Independent Reading Project

The Enchantress

The Plot

The Exposition: The story starts off in San Francisco when the two protagonists Josh, and Sophie Newman are reunited and sent 10,000 years into the past to Danu Talis along with John Dee and Virginia Dare. Sophie and Josh are then told that their parents are Isis and Osiris, very powerful Elders on Danu Talis, and Sophie and Josh are their plan to come to power, the twins of legend.

Conflict: Sophie and Josh have to save the world, but they don't know who to believe, their parent, or their mentors?

Rising Action: Meanwhile, in San Francisco Nicholas and Perenelle have one day left to live, the immortals and elders that stand with them are the last line of defense before the monsters held on Alcatraz are unleashed upon the city. While they put up a good they are injured, weak, and outnumbered; their last hope is to awaken the elder Aero Enap to fight for them.

Climax: In Danu Talis, however, things have escalated, the humans are revolting, Sophie and Josh have turned against Isis and Osiris and instead side with Abraham the Mage and Tsagaglalal, the final fight has come, and it's time for the twins to realize the prophecy, one to destroy the world, one to save it. Sophie and Josh face off against Isis and Osiris, discovering that they are not their parents, and that Sophie and Josh aren't even twins, they were stripped from different timelines all together; after this realization Isis and Osiris fight Sophie and Josh revealing that they are not Elders, but horrifying Earthlords. After Isis and Osiris are defeated Josh tells Sophie to take the survivors off the island, he would do what needs to be done. Taking the four swords of power he combines them into a hook, which replaces his hand, and plunges it into the ground destroying Danu Talis, but saving the future world.

Falling Action & Resolution: Back in San Francisco, Sophie is safe home from adventuring through time, and saving the survivors of Danu Talis, and lives happily with Tsagaglalal. Nicholas and Perenelle are about to die on Alcatraz when Josh returns to them, but not as Josh as Marethyu, or Death. He takes them back to Paris where their journey started, so they can die in peace.


Words and images can be lies, but what is within you is always true.

Literary Elements


The story was filled with situational irony. The plainest example was at the end of the book when Josh sacrifices himself and becomes Marethyu. I thought this was a fantastic addition by the author and it allowed for a great ending that explained one of the book's more mysterious characters. Another example of situational irony was the fact that Josh and Sophie Newman weren't twins at all. Josh was from a Neanderthal family, and Sophie from a Russian family from completely different time periods. When this was revealed to them it was very touching to me to see that Sophie, and Josh stayed together like a brother and sister.

Dynamic Characters

Josh changed dramatically in this story, at first Josh was cruel and angry, but when he was reunited with his sister he became calm and collected like usual, but finally at the end he changed completely becoming Death itself, he was no longer human, and he was immortal. I think the author used this to show how Josh had matured through the story to where he is now, and how he had increased in power.


Foreshadowing in this book was harder to find that most, but at the end of the book I had realized that the author was foreshadowing Josh becoming Marethyu by using the same descriptors of them, they both had strikingly blue eyes. At the time I breezed over that line without any thought, I believed it to be just another descriptor of the author's, when I finally made the connections however, I was really intrigued in seeing the other examples of foreshadowing I had missed.


I loved how the author characterized Isis and Osiris, throughout the entire story they acted arrogant, commanding, and they especially were liars. It was a great twist at the end when they turned out to not be elder but instead be earthlords, horrific snake-like creatures with wings, and huge claws. It turned out that the descriptions of them acting like snakes turned out to be true, they really were snakes.

My Personal Review

4 out of 5

I gave this book a 4 because while I was intrigued by the foreshadowing, the irony, and all of the other literary elements, and I thought it was a very well written book, I found that it didn't interest me as much as other books simply because of the topic