By: Zakaria Alabudi

how long will it take

it will take 22 -23 hours to drive there.

cloths to pack

  1. comfortable for exploring both nature and the city, but can be dressed up and made appropriate for an evening out
  2. suitable for cool or warm weather
  3. conceals stains and spills
  4. packs compactly
  5. coordinates well with everything else you've chosen.

how many people are going

as many as you want.

what kind of food can you bring

any food

bring extra water just in case

cost of staying there

$12-20 per night

what will you need

extra clothes, food, and emergency experiment

how much time will you need

a week or may more depending where you stop

am i going

no, i don't got time for that.

major equipment

  1. clothes matters on your price range
  2. food matters on your price range
  3. equipments $100-300
  4. other things $20-300
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