Thomas the Pirate

Tales of the Deep Blue

Somewhere beyond the sea... The Deep Blue Sea.

Thomas was an excellent pirate: he could hoist a sail, sing a shanty, fire a cannon, swash buckle, he could even climb all of the way to the tippy-top of the crows nest. He sailed the Deep Blue sea every day. His only problem was that he could not do it all at the same time. It's a big job, being a pirate. Hard work too. Every time he needed to reel the sails in or drop the anchor, he could not reach them from the helm. This made Thomas sad. 'Things would be a lot easier with a friend.'

One day Thomas was chasing a small merchant vessel, whose armaments barely matched up to his own. However every time he stopped to swash buckle, the merchant turned and headed in another direction. Thomas needed a new way to turn the wheel while he was away so that he could swash buckle with the other sailors. The floor boards of his ship creaked and cracked as the waves shifted by, mocking Thomas for being alone. 'Things would be a lot easier with a friend.'

The next day, while Thomas was sailing the Deep Blue, hoisting sails and turning masts, he came across another pirate ship. “Yahrg, ye be look'n 'ta swash buckle?” said the other pirate. Thomas wanted to swash buckle. “It's been a good three fortnights since I last seen another pirate, have at thee ye mangy dog!”


Just as Thomas was about to board the other pirate's ship, the merchant vessel slipped between the two ships, causing Thomas and the other pirate to stagger and fall. “G-g-yahrg! Me tailbone is on fire!” shouted the other pirate. Thomas was quick to get to hoist his sail and pursue the merchant boat. As Thomas was just about to collide with the merchant, the ship pulled away, and Thomas fell into the deep blue sea. “Help, help, I can't swim!” he shouted. He thrashed his arms, trying to find anything he could grab on to. 'Things would be a lot easier with a friend.' Thomas felt someone grab his hand, and he was pulled aboard the other pirate's ship. “Quickly,” the other pirate said. “Hoist the sail!” Thomas let the sail fall to its full length, and the ship quickly sped up. Now, just behind the merchant ship, Thomas and the other Pirate emerged. Thomas leaped across the water, landing directly aboard the quarter deck. “Yarhg!” he cried out as he swash buckled the merchant boat's captain to pieces. The merchants, not looking to swash buckle, surrendered their candy to the pirates.

Thomas and the other pirate rolled the large barrels across the gangway and onto their ship. “We make a good team, whadd'ya say we join forces?” Thomas thought hard about this. It was a good idea. Who knows what could happen next, maybe they would find an island made entirely of candy, or meet a band of scary pirates; and team up with the pirates to find an island made entirely of candy! Who knows what the future holds for them? It's surprising, the things you can do with a friend.

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