Amoeba, Euglana, Volvox, Paramecium


The amoeba moves using a pseudopod or false foot. The Amobea is full of cytoplasm which it uses to get food. It circles around the food and then injests it. It reproduces asexually. The Amobea lives in freshwater.


The euglena moves using a flagellum. To get food it will injest particles or use photosynthesis. It reproduces asexually as well. The euglena will live in freshwater or brackish water.

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The volvox uses a flagellum to move as well. They make their food using photosynthesis. The volvox reproduces sexually. They live in parent and daughter colonies. They live in freshwater.


The paramecium uses cilia to move. They injest their food using an oral groove. The paramecium reproduces asexually. The paramecium has two nuclei. It lives in freshwater.