Dixicrat Party!

AKA: State's Rights Democrats

History of the Party

Right Wing members of the Democratic Party split and formed a new party in 1948. Supported mostly by anti-civil rights Southerners, the party nominated Strom Thurmond the governor of South Carolina as thier Presidential Nominee and Fielding L Wright the governor of Mississippi as the Vice Presidential Nominee. They won 39 electoral votes in the 1948 election. After 1948 the party fizzled out and most returned to the Democratic Party
The Dixiecrats never made it to the seat of the Presidency but they did earn a lot of the votes in 1948. They are considered to be one of the strongest segregationist political parties in our country's history. Their platform was based on:

  • State's Rights
  • Racial Segregation
  • White Supremacy
The Dixiecrats impacted the split of the Solid South because they believed in "The Southern Way of Life" as an effect they won the votes of states such as, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina. They weakened the support of those states and in result they left the Democratic Party later on.