Atlantic Hurricane Season

By: Garrett Peck

How hurricanes form.

Hurricanes form when evaporates a forms a cloud this then happens over and over again building the clouds larger and higher until it forms a cluster of thunderstorms. The air at the top of the storms starts to cool and air from a high pressure system starts to move into that low pressure system rises which creates more thunderstorms. The wind starts to blow faster which causes it to start turning around a eye. When the wind speeds finally reach 74 miles per hour it is now a Hurricane.

The Bermuda high is...

The Bermuda high is a high pressure area that happens during the spring and summer. It brings a lot of heat and moisture which helps in forming hurricanes. It also affects the path of hurricanes if it is further east than usual it can send hurricanes into the Atlantic ocean instead of hitting the gulfs or the Atlantic sea board.

El Nino is...

El Nino is a band of warm ocean water that develops off the western South American. It can cause climate change throughout the pacific ocean. It affects Hurricanes by increasing wind shearing which pushes the Hurricanes away from the Eastern sea board

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