Zebra is Hiring!

We are changing the world of medical imaging with Big Data and Machine Learning. Zebra is making use of the largest medical imaging datasets to create meaningful, life changing tools that will help Healthcare leap light years forward. We are a group of seasonal entrepreneurs with over 50 years of combined experience in entrepreneurship, imaging, healthcare, big data and cloud computing and are seeking great people, who want to change the world and are fun to work with. Join our team!

Machine Learning Researcher

We are seeking an experienced machine learning researcher or software engineer to bring a revolution to medical imaging research and diagnostics. This is a unique position, with access to one of the largest medical imaging databases in the world, for the purpose of improving patient care and diagnosis worldwide.

Responsibilities include:

  • Build a machine learning infrastructure to analyze millions of medical imaging studies and associated clinical data
  • Develop groundbreaking algorithms for automated identification and diagnosis of pathologies
  • Work with a global community of researchers to create a library of medical imaging applications


  • MSc or PhD in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics or physics
  • Demonstrated success in the application of machine learning to practical problems
  • Background in deep neural networks and image processing preferred
  • Experience with Massive Parallelism preferred (OpenMP, GPGPU, CUDA, OpenCL) preferred
  • Expert coding abilities in multiple programming languages. Preference given to demonstrated experience using C++ or Python
  • Self motivation, mental flexibility and the ability to work in a fast paced team environment

Full Stack Developer

  • Build the worlds’ largest medical imaging research collaboration platform, and help take Radiology to the next level
  • Develop front end SDKs, development tools and medical imaging query engines
  • Create data mining applications that will uncover medical insights that could improve the lives of millions of people worldwide
  • Develop a web front end for medical image research applications
  • Develop web and service APIs for healthcare IT applications


  • 5+ years experience
  • Fluent with latest web technologies (jQuery, angular.js, bootstrap)
  • Natively speaks Python & Java
  • Very strong backend capabilities
  • Experience with developing large scalable systems - preferred
  • Experience C++, java, GraphicsGL, image processing, computer vision, NLP and other algorithmic challenges – advantage
  • Design awareness, UX, UI experience – advantage

Web Development Team Leader

  • Develop web applications for medical imaging and healthcare IT
  • Create a crowdsourcing platform for medical knowledge indexing, with physicians and healthcare providers as customers
  • Web front end to research cloud SDK
  • Develop community engines for research collaboration


  • 5+ years of development in major languages and technologies
  • A guru in JS / HTML5 / Python and Java
  • Experience with web frameworks (jQuery, bootstrap, angular.js, node.js) - advantage
  • Experience with social web community frameworks - advantage
  • Experience with user and behavior modeling
  • Experience working with designers
  • Experience with design to implementation cycles
  • 3D big data visualization skills - advantage

Interested? Contact us at jobs@zebra-med.com