July 30 Update

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Please take 3-5 minutes and complete this survey as we continue to understand the feelings and needs of our people concerning church attendance during COVID-19.

Our Kids Page offers weekly videos and resources for 3 age groups: preschool, 1-2 grade, 3-6 grade. Check it out by clicking on the picture above.

Worship Time Reservation

We are using this reservation system. Without a reservation, you will need to wait to see if there is space, otherwise please watch online.

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During the downtime on campus there is still a lot going on! There are 3 things happening all at once.

1. As we look to the future of new guests and members, it is better to have our reception and admin area next to the door we use. Linda Parker will be moving down the hall in the next week or two after....

2. The library is moving across the hall and expanding with Chromebooks for web and media area.

3. The rooms in the Betty Horn addition are getting a makeover!

We are excited for these adjustments as it provides better reception and security in the areas needed. If you would like to help please let us know.

We are testing a new look in the sanctuary. With social distancing having no end in sight there is a need for more space between pews. Also, the pews are so close together it does not promote movement easily. In one small section we took out every other pew to test it out.

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Hello everyone!

Did you know that each week our volunteers and staff help to produce 8 videos and 2 online worship experiences for you? I wanted to take a minute and highlight what they are and where you can find them.

  1. The Daily Dose with Pastor Aaron podcast. The podcast link is to the recorded audio, but it airs LIVE M-Th at 8am on our Facebook Page.
  2. ELEVATE Online for 1-6 grade kids releases each Wednesday.
  3. Sunday Bible classes for kids. (bottom of kids page you will find options for the Preschool Class, 1-2 Grade Class, 3-6 Grade Class

Also, we have a LIVE online prayer meeting on Wednesdays and a LIVE online Adult Bible class on Sundays at 9:30.

"Loving people to help them move forward on life's journey."

See you soon,

Pastor Aaron

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Tech Team Servants Needed

As we grow our digital and online presence we REALLY need you to help. If you would be interested in being trained on the tech crew please fill out the interest form linked below.
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714 Challenge

COVID-19 doesn't seem to be going away does it? What should we do? How should we respond?

1. Pray

2. Wear a mask

3. Keep social distance.

The first one is where I would like to share a few words. As Christians, we believe in the all-powerful attribute of God. We believe He is wise. We believe He is good. We believe He is all-knowing. On and on the attributes go.

With that said, God is transcendent, meaning he is higher than we are in knowledge, power, and ability. We do not know and could not understand the inner workings of God and His process. We have to trust and we do.

Therefore, we pray.

The challenge is simple. When the clock says 714 then pray. For what can we pray?

  • God's assurance through this difficult time.
  • God's mercy to remove the virus.
  • God's grace to forgive our confessed sins.
  • God's strength to be faithful even if He doesn't remove it.
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1. AT-RISK PEOPLE STAY HOME- if you are one who is at risk, sick, or feel fearful for any reason then please remain at home for now and worship with us online. If you, or a family member, have a fever (100+) please remain at home. If you, or a family member, have had a fever (100+) within 48 hours, please worship online.

2. MASKS REQUIRED- we REQUIRE you to wear a mask. With the recent spikes in Tarrant County and Crowley, we are taking a safe position. If this is too difficult, please worship online.

3. SOCIAL DISTANCING - You will be seated by a volunteer. Please do not change seats or slide down the pew. Others may need the spots on the opposite end. There will be no hugging, no handshaking, etc in order to promote social distancing during this time. If this is too difficult, please worship online.

4. LIMITED SEATING - we are allowing 84 to worship each time slot. The reservation system is required to get a seat. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE.

5. DISINFECTING - in between worship times, there will be a cleansing and disinfecting time. Also, pews used in the 8 am worship will not be used in the 11 am worship.