A few AWESOME library and technology resources for you !

My School Librarian Gave to Me….


The 5th and final "gift" is just for fun! To create your own lego holiday card like the one above, click here. Once you're done, the site offers a few different ways to share your card.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays Memorial Friends from my family to yours :)


Symbal ok
The fourth resource is Symbaloo. I love this website as it allows you to create and organize your web-based bookmarks in one place. I've been working on a few of these webmixes and will share two with you now. The first one is for Memorial School Staff! It's still a work in progress, so I hope you'll check back from time to time to see what's been added. I want to point out the five tiles in the lower left hand corner as they are for you to use on your white boards. One of them is a birthday cake creator which would be so much fun to use when it's a student's birthday. Each tile is a link to a new website.

Click here to access the live Symbaloo pictured below.

Next is a Symbaloo created for our young students. There are a few google alternatives or safe searches, links to author websites and other age appropriate sites. This Symbaloo is also a work in progress. I hope you will find it useful.

Click here to access the live Symbaloo for our students pictured below.


Gami 2
The image above shows just a few of our newest books. Click here to view the entire Fabulous Fiction Pinterest Board which features all the latest fiction additions with descriptions.


The 2nd "gift" is an animated poem by Peter Reynolds (author of The Dot) and his brother Paul called Keepers of the Flame. They created it as a thank you for all educators. It's about three minutes long. Enjoy and feel the love and appreciation!

Keepers Of The Flame


The first resource is the fun and fabulous app called Tellagami. It's what I used to create the video or Gami below. It's free in the App Store.
Tellagami lets you create and share a short animated message. Think of the fun ways to use this with your students: telling a quick (30 second) story, showing something we've learned or sharing what we're thankful for, etc.

Here's an article, A Handful of Ideas for Using Tellagami in Schools by Samantha Morra, who some of us met at T21 last year: http://goo.gl/38i03R