Brown Tree Snake

Common name: boiga irregularis

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physical description

A brown tree snake nay be any length from 18 inches as juveniles to over 8 feet long as adults. Their natural color is olive green to brown, they also have splotches off red. The brown tree snake have vertical pupils and a large head bigger than its body. The brown tree snake is nocturnal, it is mildly venomous, and they also live in trees and shrubs.

Birth place

The brown tree snake is found in Indonesia from wallace´ś line west of sulawesi through New Guinea, Guam, and Australia.

Method of Transportation

The brown tree snake can be dispered in cargo, planes, and ships.

Last seen

The brown tree snake was seen in Hawaii, and Guam.
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The brown tree snake has caused a major factor in Guam. The brown tree snake in Guam have damaged agriculture by preying on poultry, it has killed many pets, and bitten many children.


What they are trying to do to eliminate/punish the brown tree snake is they are going to drop dead mice laced with pain killers in Guam.