Media Minutes

From the Media Center at Woodlawan Middle School, March 2016

Should this book be banned?

Eighth grade advanced learners analyzed censorship law and whether the book The Killer Angels (which students read in ELA class) should be banned in school due to some of the language in the award-winning novel. The media center lesson focused on whether students could state a claim/opinion and then support it with evidence from either U.S. Supreme Court rulings or guidelines from the American Library Association (ALA). The lesson is being expanded to reach more students in April, which is National School Library Month.

Annual Rangoli style art fest at WMS is expanded

Ms. Harris' World Culture classes joined Ms. Longstreet's classes and Ms. Chambers in the media center for the annual sixth grade art fest on Indian design---Rangoli style. Students got a chance to complete a miniature Rangoli design that can be used in celebrating the Hindu Diwali holiday. Over the last six years, the lesson has expanded to include media center lessons on Diwali, Rangoli art, and Indian culture. Students were quizzed on the holiday and art form, and they then completed Rangoli designs that will later be converted to 3D versions and then displayed in school.

Sixth grade "Reading Lunch Bunch" meets again

Sixth graders in the "Reading Lunch Bunch" group met for lunch in the LMC again in March. But, this time students got a chance to review their reading status and then check out books from a special sixth grade book cart. The event is organized by community liaison Ms. Donna Harris who also urges parents to promote reading at home.

Media center photo of the month

Seventh grade students training to work as media assistants are on the job and showing-off the letter "W" that stands for Woodlawn Middle.
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Flier produced by Ms. Chambers, WMS media specialist.