Gender Dysphoria

Know what you are.

What is Gender Dysphoria?

If someone feels like they are a women trapped in a mans body (or vice versa) it is called gender dysphoria. This illness is a mental disorder that people cope with everyday. Some people are able to get sex reassignment surgeries but it is a long, painful process (Gender Dysphoria - Treatments). Others that aren't able to have surgery can recieve certain hormones that make them feel like they are the desired gender (Gender Identity Disorder). Overall, having this disorder is excruciating.

Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

The symptoms that take place if someone is diagnosed or believed to have gender dysphoria are any where from exciting to severe distress (Gender Dysphoria - Symptoms). This disorder is not something that should be taken lightly and needs proper care. It is important for everyone to know how serious this condition can be. Some people did not realize how serious it is and deaths have happened. That is why lots of therapy would definitely be needed for the person undergoing gender dysphoria and the family (GLAD Organization).

The Classification of Gender Dysohoria

During the research process, there were many article that stated gender dysphoria was not a mental disorder (Gender Identity Disorder). However, I also read just as many articles saying it was a mental disorder (Gender Dysphoria). Over the years I found that it has been debated whether or not it is a mental disorder. In one article, it stated that it was most definitely a mental disorder with a link to something called (When You Don't Feel At Home With Your Gender). When going to the link, it ended up leading to an organization of physicians and doctors. The job of the organization is to declare whether or not some type of sickness is a mental disorder. After reading information, it turns out that in the mother's womb, the hormones that make up the baby can become unbalanced and cause some type of disorder in the brain (Gender Dysphoria).