Knight Notes

Yarbrough Elementary - October Newsletter 2020

Quick Glance at Important Dates

October 9th - Club Day for In-Person Learners

October 9th - Book Fair Ends

October 15th - Club Day for Remote Learners

October 15th - Flu Vaccine Clinic (PEEHIP Coverage)

October 16th - Parent Conference Day (No School for Students)

October 20th - Report Cards Sent Home

October 20th - Picture Make Up Day/Pictures for Remote Learners

October 21st - Cheeburger, Cheeburger Spirit Night

October 23rd - Box Tops for Education Fall Deadline

October 29th - Flu Vaccine Clinic (Excluding PEEHIP Coverage)

From Dr. Forster

We are almost to the end of the first nine weeks of school, and I want our parents to know how proud I am of our students, both traditional and remote. Our traditional students came into school with mask requirements and new spacing methods. We have worked to limit exposure to other students, teachers and even library books, but the students have adapted to all of the changes well. They have far exceeded our expectations on how we could be safe in our building and still learn and have fun. Our remote students have taken the method of teaching remotely, which did not exist a few months ago, and embraced the change by learning new software platforms and methods of communicating with teachers and other students. Both traditional and remote students are to be commended and celebrated. Thank you for sharing your children with us each day. We take the responsibility of educating each child very seriously and will always give our very best effort to ensure they are connected to YES.


Pete Forster

Knightly News

You can stay caught up on what’s happening at Y.E.S. by watching the Knightly News! Go to the school website. Look under “Our School,” then click on “Knightly News." Then click on the video next to the day of the week of the broadcast you want to watch. Broadcasts are available for viewing for one week.

Box Tops for Education

Most Box Tops for Education are now earned through scanning receipts in the app, but if you have any of the traditional paper box tops, please send them in by October 23rd. Thank you!

PTO Restaurant Spirit Night

Enjoy some delicious food and help Y.E.S. raise money by eating at Cheeburger Cheeburger on October 21st. Look for more details soon!

Yarbrough Winter T-shirt Order

With cooler weather coming, many of our students will want to purchase long-sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts/hoodies with a fun Yarbrough design. Be on the lookout for more information from the PTO soon.

Veteran's Day Announcement

This year, the students at Y.E.S. will show their appreciation for veterans through a virtual video presentation. A video featuring your child’s class will be available on our school website for you to view on November 11th. More information will be available soon through class newsletters.

Order Your Yearbook Online!

Order your 2020-2021 Yarbrough Elementary School Yearbook today. Our yearbook is only sold online and can be purchased at the following link:

Customer Service: 1-877-767-5217

Nurse Notes from Nurse Julia

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to do everything possible to reduce the chance of illness. The Center for Disease Control recommends an annual flu shot for everyone 6 months of age and older. Students at Yarbrough will have the chance to receive a flu vaccine at school during one of the clinics listed below.

Yarbrough’s Teach Flu a Lesson vaccine clinic will be October 29th.

The flu vaccine will be offered to students with private insurance (excluding PEEHIP), Medicaid and qualifying uninsured students.

There are no out of pocket expenses or deductibles, and participation is voluntary.

Forms will be sent home with students at a future date.

Yarbrough’s Flu Vaccine Clinic for students covered by PEEHIP insurance will be October 15th.

Art Adventures with Mr. Daniel

FOURTH GRADE ART PROJECT: "Re-write Your Favorite Children's Story"

Our fourth graders will use their vivid imaginations, line, shape, form, color, texture, space, and balance to write and illustrate their own version of their favorite children's story. For example, "Q-Bert and the Three Space Cadets" (based on "The Three Little Pigs"). We will explore character development, settings, and potential storylines as we develop our stories. Next, we will draw and illustrate our favorite scene from the story. We will also explore the works of Charles M Schultz.


Our fifth graders will use their creative ability, line, shape, space, form, value, color, texture, rhythm, and balance to write and illustrate their own story. These stories will be based on the concept "A World Inside of A World." For example, "The world inside of your refrigerator;" "under your bed;" "inside of your toy box;" etc.... We're going to explore ways to bring these potential characters, settings, and storylines to life. Next, we will draw and illustrate our favorite scene from our story. We will also explore the works of Charles M Schultz.

Computer Communication with Miss Ball

Each student will continue working on their typing skills through Edutyping. The students will put their skills to good use as they create a short story using the features in Microsoft Word and publishing their stories through the Office365 portal.

Fitness Fun with Coach Smith

In October students will participate in a Handball Unit and fun instant games. Virtual students can find PE activities on schoology and our PE website:

We would like to wish our Fall Intern Annie Boone good luck as she prepares for the second part of her internship at Auburn Junior High School. She did an expectational job with our students here, and we are going to miss her.

Media Center Memo with Mrs. McGilberry

Our Fall Scholastic Book Fair is in full swing! While shopping for books looks different this year, we are still hoping our families will purchase books for their home library while helping the school library earn credit for new books. Information about how in-person and virtual students can purchase books was sent home early this week and can also be found on the school's website. Happy Reading!

Music Moments with Mrs. Oprandy

In music class for the month of September, all students explored four different music genres: classical, jazz, country, and pop. They read about each genre, watched a musical performance for each, then responded to what they saw and heard. This exploration of music genres went hand-and-hand with our study of the instruments of the orchestra. While listening to the different performances, students looked and listened for different musical instruments.

Since we aren’t able to sing and play instruments just yet, students increased their understanding of musical concepts through movement and dance. Students were introduced to rondo form when dancing the Danish folk dance, “Seven Jumps.” Students learned about the music terms staccato, legato, and coda when dancing with scarves to the song, “The Syncopated Clock.” The dance “Stand Up” challenged everyone to perform the correct locomotor and non-locomotor movements at the correct time.

Fourth graders used Clap-Back rhythm patterns to review the rhythm syllables for quarter and eighth notes and to create their own rhythmic composition to perform for others.

Fifth grade students reviewed half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests by playing the game “Extra Beat, Take a Seat” and completing the activity, “Write the Rhythm.”

Venture Visit with Mr. Jackson

We’re having so much fun in Venture! Students have learned several different ways to play solitaire. Ask your student to teach you about Clock-Solitaire! We’ve also discussed the meaning of LOGIC. We applied what we learned about logic in order to place shapes into parts with equal areas using spatial logic puzzles. The Toothpick Challenge was a favorite!

Counseling Connection with Mrs. Walsh

October Guidance lessons will focus on safety issues. Parents, please make sure your children know their full address and contact number for at least one parent. We will talk about anti-bullying strategies to enable our students to shut down inappropriate behaviors. Our classes will also have prevention lessons based on Erin’s Law. Erin’s Law (legislative law HB 197) was signed into effect on June 4, 2015. This law requires all public-school systems to provide age appropriate child sexual abuse prevention education in Pre-K through 12th grades.

Safe communities, internet safety, and personal boundaries lessons will be delivered through Safer, Smarter Kids curriculum. Please visit the website for more information:

We will also be celebrating Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October. This is a national campaign focusing on drug and violence prevention awareness. Red Ribbons have been worn since 1985 to help educate and encourage children to participate in drug prevention activities. Be on the lookout for our “Dress up” flyer. Let’s have fun dressing up and celebrating good choices.

Quote of the month:

“The choices that we make in our life, indeed determine the kind of results that we experience and the quality of the life that we live.” – Sumeet Jain