Branch rickey

Lilian Le

fight for equality

Branch Rickey became the boss of Brooklyn. He felt the time for equality in baseball. He knew achieving this would be difficult. Had determination, racial violence, and courage. He was convince he was morally right.



Rickey fights his way through the accusation about Robinson being a “racial agitator.” He had passion and courage to get justice for Jackie Robinson. Stirring confidence in to Jackie.



“Unknown to most people and certainly me, after launching a major scouting program, Branch Rickey had picked me as that player.” This show perseverance because Wendell smith didn’t accept his program and he still continued the program it for justice.



“I know you’re a good ballplayer,” he barked. “What I don’t know is weather you have the guts.” This shows perseverance because he doesn’t know if Rickey has guts. This whole experiment would have been a waste of time. He is persevering for Jackie Robinson believing in him.



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