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May 9, 2016 Issue #36

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CCR3 ANNOUNCES ONE-ONE Computer Initiative for 2016-17

We did it! Technology Director, Brandon Burns, is proud to announce that our district's technology department has met a long term district goal. Next school year, the district will be able to provide one Chromebook for each Plattsburg High School and Clinton County Middle School student.

The district-provided devices will be used as instructional & learning aides for students 5-12. The initiative supports the schools' curriculum, which is becoming more technology driven with a move toward electronic textbooks and more computer-based assignments. Mr. Burns and his team will be rolling out these devices at the beginning of the school year.

Why technology is so important:

  • 98% middle/high students own a digital device.
  • 27% of students say their laptop is their most important tool in the backpack.
  • 38% of students say they can’t go 10 minutes without using a digital device.
  • 75% of students say they would not be able to study without technology.
  • 46% of students say they are more likely to do their homework if it is on their digital device.
  • 80% of students use digital devices to write or research for class homework.


It was a great week to show off the work of our talented student body. Mrs. Porter and Ms. Wenzel held a Spring Art Show to show off the collective works of their students. A reception was held on Wednesday evening and students were presented with awards for their work. Great job to the the art teachers and student artists!

On Thursday, PHS held it's First Annual Film Festival to rave reviews from staff and fellow students. Students presented their documentary, photojournalism, and movie projects. Our very own Enews reporters also presented a montage of their favorite clips and bloopers. All works will be available on the PHS Media You Tube channel. Look for links in the daily announcements and in next week's Enews. THANK YOU to Mrs. Collins and her media students for their hard work!