All About Me

Taylor West

Birthday and family

I was born May 21st, 2001. I am fourteen years old and have one sister who is in collage. I live in a small blue country house with my mom and dad. I have one dog named Blackie and many cats also. (too many to name)


I have a variety of different friends. Some go here to school, others go to different schools. When I'm with my friends we enjoy watching movies, going out to different places, or just chilling with each other at home. Ive been friends with Kinley Harmon since elementary school, friends from church for many years, and even some new friends that I've met in middle school and even this year.

Hobbies and dislikes

I enjoy drawing, playing volleyball, and just being with friends. Ive always liked to draw, but I've really been developing my skills lately. I used to be on the volleyball team, but i decided to not play in high school. I still enjoy playing in my free time, though. Being with friends is what I do the most and I always enjoy it. Things I do not enjoy doing is reading, organizing, and being in the cold.

Future Plans

In the future I plan to graduate high school. After high school I will attend a college and graduate from there. Once I graduate college I plan to become a clinical psychologist.