SHISD Mid-Week Message

Weekly Superintendent's Message for Spring Hill ISD

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Spring Break!!

Panther Nation,

I hope each of you has a wonderful spring break! This is a time to rest and recover for the stretch drive as we enter the busy season in education. Take some time to plan something special with your families. We look forward to seeing you in one week!

- Steve Snell, Superintendent SHISD


  • Kudos to Boy's and Girl's Club. There are now over 50 students in the SH Club!!!

  • We had 2 great track meets. I am so grateful to have faculty and staff support in the Bill Secord Relays! Thank you so much for everything all of you did to make this happen. It reflects in such a positive way for Spring Hill ISD. THANK YOU!!!! - Coach Salter

  • SH One Act Play. Another great performance. You represented SHISD well!

Family Concerns

  • An Intermediate student is battling a form of cancer called Wilm's tumor. He is doing fine, but keep this family in your prayers.
  • Coach Mercer had surgery on his knee to clean up cartilage build up that was causing some pain. He is recovering fine.

BBB Warns East Texas about W-2 email scam.

Staff and Parents,

Please read!! The Better Business Bureau of East Texas has received reports that local school districts and businesses have been targeted with a "W-2 phishing scam". In the reports to BBB, an employee in the HR or billing department received an email claiming to be the Superintendent asking for a list of all employees and a copy of the W-2s issued. This scam, which previously targeted large corporations, has been hitting school districts, nonprofits, and tribal organizations.

If you feel you have received one of these emails, please let the BBB know. BBB can assist with victims of identity theft, as well as training what to look for to prevent this from happening in the future.

Spring Hill ISD will NOT request any W-2 information from employees using email at any time. Do not become a victim of this email scam. Never give out user names or passwords via email. In addition, if you click on a link make sure it redirects you to the correct website. If you think you have been targeted by one of these scams, please contact the technology department today.

SHHS Pride Winners

It is such a great honor when we can celebrate the success of our students! We have many activities and our kids are really stepping up and excelling. These are our PRIDE WINNERS for this 6 weeks. What is really cool about this picture is that we get to acknowledge academics and celebrate all of our success! Teachers, your efforts are not going unnoticed-WE are making a difference! - Denny Lind, SHHS Princial

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PTA is hosting our 3rd Annual Panther 5K and 1 Mile Bunny Run on April 8th!

For more info please go to our PTA Website to register. PTA is also looking for sponsors or donations! All of the money raised during this fundraiser will go towards teacher grants and student scholarships. We hope you can join us! This will be a fun family and community event!

Thank you so much for your support,


Texans for Strong Public Schools

In the coming weeks, Texas legislators will be voting on school voucher legislation. Now is the time to amplify our voices and speak out against vouchers. It is important that lawmakers understand that protecting public schools is important to us.

Sending a letter to your legislators takes only a minute and can have a MAJOR impact!

You can send a letter in three easy steps:

  1. Visit Texans for Strong Public Schools and enter your home address so that your legislators’ names will appear for you.
  2. Use the sample message or write your own short letter asking your elected official to protect public schools and students by saying no to vouchers.
  3. Press “Send Letter.”

The future of public school education in Texas depends on Texans making our voices heard! Thank you for standing up for public schools!

Texans for Strong Public Schools
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New Field event area: Start to Finish!

Boys/Girls finish 2nd/4th at Gladewater Track Meet

Outstanding turnout by the SH track program in Gladewater. Season best performances were achieved by the following:


  • 100 dash - (Maddison V, 29.02, 1 sec SB)
  • 400 dash- (Tierney S, 73.55, 8 sec SB)
  • 800 m run- (Tierney S, 3:00.01, 5 sec SB)
  • 1600 m run- (Lexie J, 7:01, 19 sec SB)
  • 3200 m run- (Lexie J, 17:06, 54 sec SB)
  • 100 H- (Lexie G, 17.03, 2 sec SB)
  • 4x100 R- (51.53, 2 sec SB)
  • Long Jump- (Emily A, 15-01/2, 3 feet SB)
  • Discus- (Hannah M, 89-8 1/2 , 4 feet SB)
  • High Jump- (Emily A, 4-10, 2 in SB)


  • 100 dash- (Brady P, 12.09, .38 SB), (Oscar G, 13.21, .20 sec SB), (Daryn B, 11.81, 1 sec SB), (Dayson A, 11.52, .1 sec SB)
  • (Gilbert G, 12.50, .67 SB)
  • 200 dash- (Morgan B, 24.81, 1 sec SB)
  • 400 Dash- (Antony H, 59.05, .3 sec SB), (Zach H, 53.58, 1 sec SB), (Reese P, 54.4, 3 sec SB)
  • 1600 run- (Austin M, 4:56, 4 sec PB) (Kalen B, 4:59,6 sec PB) (Haden B, 5:45, 7 sec PR) (Craig H 5:35, 10 sec PR)
  • 3200 run- (Haden B, 12:14, 20 sec PR)
  • 110 H- (Anthony H, 20.97, 1 sec SB) (Anthony H, 19.45, .1 sec SB)
  • 300 H- (Gage W, 49.18, .8 sec SB) (Richie M, 45.51, 2 sec SB)
  • 4x100 R VAR- 43.43 (2nd) 1 sec SB
  • 4x100 R JV- 45.15 (2nd) 3 sec SB
  • 4x200 R Var- 1:30, 3 sec SB (1st)
  • 4x400 R Var- 3:33 (2nd) 6 sec SB
  • 4x400R JV- 3:43 (2nd) 12 sec SB
  • Long Jump- (Carson F, 19-0 ½ , 1 foot SB), (Morgan B, 19-1, 2 feet SB)
  • Shot Put- (Kaden P, 43-6 ½ , 4 feet SB), (Vaughn B, 34-1, 2 feet SB)
  • Triple jump- (Kelsey B, 35-6, 2 feet SB), (Kevron M, 40-0, 2 feet SB)
  • High Jump- (Daryn B, 5-8, 2 in SB), (Dayson A, 6-0, 4 in SB), (Casey M, 5-4, 2 inSB

SHISD finishes 1st in Gladewater Tennis Tournament

Here are the results of the Gladewater Invitational Tournament

In Boys Singles: Collin C made it to the semifinals of the main draw but unfortunately lost to Morris from Henderson. Collin played for 3rd place against Bell from Pine Tree. He made a big comeback after being down 1-6 but lost 4-8 placing 4th in the singles draw.

Carson M was our other singles player. He made it to the semi finals of the consolation side of the draw. He battled hard against Stevens from Trinity but lost 1-8. Every game they played went to Deuce so don't let the final score deceive you.

In Boys Doubles: We had another all Spring Hill final where the #1 seeds Blake Z and Kavin P took on teammates Corben M and Micah M and played a close match. Blake and Kavin claimed 1st place for the third tournament in a row winning 8-5 in the finals!

In Girls Singles: Brooklyn W represented SH, easily winning her 1st round match 8-1 to move her into the quarterfinals of the main draw. There she took on Miller from Pine Tree and battled a close match against her but lost 5-8.

In Girl's Doubles: Sophie B and Alyssa M went into the tournament at the #1 seeds for the draw. They won their first match against Sabine 8-1 to move into the quarterfinals. Sophie and Alyssa took on Rodriquez and Withers from Athens but lost 3-8.

Logan M and Helen R were our other doubles team. They won their first match 8-2 against Luker and Parker from Carthage to move into the quarterfinals. Logan and Helen played against Simmons and Whatley from Sabine but lost 3-8.

In Mixed Doubles: Jake M and Grace G went into the tournament as the #2 seeds in the draw. They easily won their first two matches winning 8-0 in the first and 8-1 in the second to secure a spot in the semifinals. Jake and Grace took on Flores and Murphy from Quitman but lost 6-8 to move them to play for third place. In their 3rd place match, they went up against Schweng and Kendall from Henderson and won 8-0 to finish 3rd in the Mixed Doubles Tournament!

Overall, Spring Hill took the 1st place team trophy! This is the second tournament this year that Spring Hill has finished as the top team in the tournament! We are very proud of all the hard work and dedication this year!

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