MOM Weekly 2.8.16

It's great to be a Mayan!

PLC's, Walkthroughs, and Achieve 3000

  • Have a wonderful and restful 4 day weekend and Valentines Day.
  • Exercise, rest, plan, and spend time with family and friends
  • The next few months are going to be busy so plan ahead!


  • Citing Evidence in annotation, how is it going?
  • Great job using the Achieve Article to annotate in a few classes we observed last week.

Achieve 3000:

  • Thank you to the Science dept. for noting that we don't have PLC's this week so they chose their articles last week!
  • World Cultures: Medieval Europe: Understanding the Black Death
  • US History: Global Conflicts: Putting an End to Child Labor
  • Advisory: What Do Teens Like? Video Games?
  • Congrats to Mrs. Pitters class for winning last weeks Advisory challenge!

The article below is a little long but well worth your time. Click or tap on the link to access the reading. I recently saw this great acronym on a classroom window: FAIL (First Attempt In Learning)

Who's my favorite teacher and why?

Ms. Dyga because her teaching style is unique and efficient. We get to do hands on work and varied activities.

Mrs. Siglin is my favorite teacher because she always takes our suggestions into account no matter how big or small. In AVID while she allows you to work at your own pace she always encourages you to do your best!

While great instruction is a key to learning it all starts with caring. Check out this video on a great instructor who really cares about his kids learning.

Mayan Spelling Bee 2016

Apple Certified

Sara Chai has been recognized by Apple as a mentor and guide. Apple sees Ms. Chai as an innovator in teaching and learning as well as someone who believes in engaging students as a difference maker. Congratulations to Ms. Chai for becoming Apple Certified. This was no small feat as she put in many hours of training, documentation, planning, collaboration, and most importantly practice in the classroom. Did we mention Sara also did this while working on her Masters, working as CS, and serving on many District committees? Thank you Sara!!!


Overall another winning weekend for our student-athletes. Want to come out and see an event? Call room 408 for the upcoming schedule.

Basketball: Girls won vs. SOM & Boys lost vs. SOM

Soccer: Girls lost vs BVM 0-1, Boys A-Team won vs. BVM 8-1, Boys B-Team won vs CVM 4-2

Volleyball: Girls A-Team won vs SOM, Girls B-Team lost vs Nestor

Where are they now? Claudia Olmos

Hello Mayans,

After spending 12 years as a Campus Assistant at Montgomery Middle, I left to pursue further professional growth opportunities using the skills I learned while at Montgomery. I was hired at Southwest Middle School by the same person that first hired me at MOM, Maria Jordan. I am now serving our two Assistant Principals as their secretary at Southwest Middle School. Some of my responsibilities include but are not limited to, setting up meetings, managing Credit Recovery attendance, Independent Study, Study Hall, taking notes during SST, and much more. My future plans include going back to school to pursue my Master Degree in school counseling, but for now I will see where the road might take me. I am a proud former Mayan and I will never forget all the friendships I made throughout the years and especially persons such as Mr. Zumstein and Mrs. Inzunza who always encouraged and supported me during the time I was there.

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Support our community by supporting our local YMCA

Our AVID kids are currently working on their service learning projects and making a difference in our community. The Border View YMCA does many things to support our families too. Check out my link if your interested in pledging to a worthy cause.

Mrs. Salcido's WAAG

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SDCOE What's happening in February

Check out the link to see some free opportunities for our kids and classrooms.

Montgomery Middle School

Huge thanks to all of you who volunteer your time to attend field trips, run fairs, special events, , buy supplies, come early, and stay late for our kids. You have no idea how much it means to our community. Students that you talk to years down the road will remember and cherish those moments and will in turn donate their time to the worthy causes of others.