The Oasis

Why head to the beach, when you have your very own seaside!


A marble enclosure, consisting of a sliding coloured glass door. Providing a sophisticated and elegant experience. A very spacious area which you can relax in on our S-shaped resting seat. Water temperatures options are very exact, therefore giving you an opportunity to adjust it to your preference. Shelves are installed, making it easier for you to have shower necessities organized and in arms reach. Floors are made of ceramic ensuring that there will be no slipping, supplying a safe experience. Very decorative with an arithmetic tile sequence as a backsplash, presenting a visual aesthetic appeal.
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  • Ceramic floors so there's no slipping
  • Enjoyable for all ages, everyone can enjoy the beach view!
  • Very large and spacious, providing a free open space
  • A showerhead containing a variety of settings that can suit your preference and satisfy your needs. Some of our favorites are: sprinkle, massage, and mist
  • S-shaped seat provides comfort and convenience when used as a shaving ledge and rest seat

******* A price of $1, 399.99, The Oasis is a serene experience, and a must have!*******

Contact Information

Company Name: DMS Shower Stalls

Phone Number: 905 - 985 - 3258

Head location: 1200 Bloor Avenue, L5T 8G9,

Toronto, ON, Canada


Mahrukh, Darsshana, Sayeda