The New, New York

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A Little History of New York

New York was originally named New Amsterdam by its first settlements of the Dutch in the early 1600's.
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New York is part of the Mid-Atlantic colonies, bordered by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean and harbor allowed New York to become a major trade port between the Americas and West Africa, which was the intention of the Dutch.
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New York is an extremely diverse colony. Our population consists of Dutch, French, German, Scandinavian, and Jewish backgrounds. We value our freedom of worship, self-government, and tax free land. We are also known for our abundant source of fur.
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The Dutch engaged in naval wars with England over control of trade networks. In 1664, the English seized New Amsterdam without war. Instead, the Dutch were allowed to remain citizens. Our unique name was adopted after the Duke of York.
In hopes of promoting settlement and colonization, New York offers the “patroon” system. Patroons own large estates which are rented to tenant farmers.

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