Your ghostbuster for wine

" Make it easy for people to buy, and people will buy more.." is a popular mantra of retailing.

As a retailer, you have surely noticed the confused look of people shopping for wine - the sheer variety of wines makes it difficult for them to choose one. Winescapes, a new smartphone app takes away the pin pricks of choosing a wine in a simple and clever way !

How it works

What people know is that they want, say, a Red, from Italy, for about USD 20. Winescapes allows users to search for wines based on these criteria. They simple key them in or use a Graphic interface....and they immediately see wines which meet their criteria ! Making it easy to choose a bottle of wine....or perhaps two. And discover new wines to drink, in the process.

Not only that. When a user keys in these criteria, wine stores like yours will also pop up on the app based on a user's location ! Thus driving traffic to your stores.

We are launching Winescapes with a big bang soon ! Your store is pre registered as a Winescapes Merchant Partner* to appear on the app and this will be FREE for a period of 6 months. After that, we will charge you a small fee to list on the app. You can also, for a separate fee, communicate Offers and Deals to users, thus driving even more traffic to your stores !

In return, we would like you to put up Winescapes posters in your store, which we will provide you. We will also provide you flyers and cards promoting Winescapes which can be given to shoppers at the check out counters.

Meanwhile, we invite you to download the app and see for yourself how easy we have made for people to choose wines. And how they can build their own wine social networks on the app. All of which, we believe, will lead to people buying a little more wine, a little more often for a lot more fun ! After all, we would all rather spend more time enjoying a wine than buying one !