The Industrial Revolution (1800's)

A time of un equal pay due to sexism

Who exactly were the Lowell Girls?

The Lowell girls were female workers who worked in the industries of Lowell, Pennsylvenia. The leaders of the industries hired women who were young unmarried women from local farms. The reason they had to be young is that they had more advantages to being young, such as not having the responsibilities a married woman would have. Their age range was from 10 to 25 yrs. old. There were even some women from Canada or England. Many famalies sent their daughters to Lowell to help support their whole family.

The Evolution of Transportaion

In the 1800's, there was something called "Transportation Revolution" , it created ways to travel differently and much more easier. The most common ways of traveling were steamboats and the train. In the 19th century, the steamboats were a huge thing due them being able to carry goods across the atlantic. What linked almost every major city in the Eastern United States was the railroad system. The economy surged foward and major cities grew due to the "Transportation Revolution."