Don't judge Creature by its Feature

The Ideal Being


Face - John Krasinski

John Krasinski doesn't necessarily have a face that every girl would consider the "sexiest man alive" but instead, his face looks like one of an honest, intelligent, and humble man. His face has flaws like his big ears which gives him more reason to be like the rest of the human population. In a way, the ideal human should be perfect in every way without flaws but in reality, the ideal human should have some flaws so that he can relate to us somehow. An ideal human should be able to blend in like you and me.


Left Brain (Analytical) - Isaac Newton

Newton is perhaps the most important figure in science in terms of contributions made to our understanding of the world. Besides presenting his findings on the universal gravitational constant and formulating the three laws of motion, Newton displayed extreme analytical prowess in building the first reflecting telescope and developing theories of color and sound. He could not have made so many discoveries without the ability to carefully study what was going on around him, so his left brain would be crucial to the composition of our ideal being.

Right Brain (Creative) - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is the famous concept of the Renaissance man, best known for his work on the Sistine Chapel. Among his areas of expertise were mathematics, architecture, science, composition, invention, and art. Such a broad range of talents certainly testifies to da Vinci's creativity and broad imagination. In fact, his practical drawings of helicopter and submarine plans were found to be far ahead of his time, demonstrating his right brain's innovative and unique powers of creation.


Morgan Freeman GPS commercial
Speaking Voice - Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has the voice that we all wish we could have hence why we have those bumper stickers on our cars that say, "I wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life." His voice is clear and exact so you can comprehend every word he enunciates. He has a voice that is unique and our ears draw to him along with the words he says whether he's narrating a story in a movie or advertising how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. The ideal human being should be able to capture his audience with not only what his diction but his particular sound.

Michael Bublé Soothes Baby in ICU With Singing
Singing Voice - Michael Buble

Michael Buble has the power to lull absolutely anyone with his soothing voice that is as smooth as butter. An ideal being should have the power to quiet a room with his voice and along with that, he should be able to calm down anyone. If he can quiet a crying baby, then what can he NOT do? His voice is heaven to our ears. With that voice, Michael Buble has the ability to change someone's negative vibe into a more positive feel.


Mahatma Gandhi - Heart

Mahatma Gandhi became one of the major political and spiritual leaders of his time due to his commitment to discrimination in India. His goals consisted of helping poor farmers protest against oppressive taxation and discrimination, alleviating poverty, liberating women, putting an end to the caste discrimination, and reaching for self-rule for India. Gandhi's commitment to non-violence and simple living became hope for oppressed people. A gentle and determined heart is what would move an ideal human being forward.

Nelson Mandela - Heart

Nelson Mandela is a man of true honor and he's known for his determination for change. He endured inequality which allowed him to be so passionate for an ideal democratic and free society where all people could live together in peace with equal opportunity. He spent his whole life fighting and died trying. Nelson Mandela was able to forgive those who imprisoned him and instead, he put his efforts into making a bigger difference for the public. A heart that is able to forgive and move on is a strong heart and necessary because usually the temptation for revenge gets the best of us.


Backbone - Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was faced with enormous financial challenges throughout his career, selling only one painting his entire life! However, he subsidized his passion for painting by working other jobs and is now regarded as one of the best Post-Impressionist painters. It would certainly have taken backbone to resist all the depressive tendencies of not being recognized for beautiful artwork. As van Gogh continued painting despite these failures, he epitomized the meaning of "self-efficacy" and built up a backbone we would use for the ideal being.

Backbone - Ernst Ludwig Beethoven

Beethoven's significant accomplishments include Fur Elise, Missa Solemnis, and several Piano Sonatas that move and inspire listeners even today. However, the most shocking part about his achievements is the fact that he was deaf the whole time! It is hard to imagine how agonizing a task it would be to compose great music and never get to hear it. Beethoven could only hear his music in his head, and by surpassing this huge obstacle he is credited with a strong backbone. He serves as an example to never let excuses or setbacks rule the mind, so his backbone would be an excellent foundation of persistence for our creature.


The body of Michael Clarke Duncan was formed to trap bullets in flight. Before he began his acting career, Duncan took a security job as a bouncer and security guard. With such a large physique, Duncan brings true horror and shock to every scene produced. Duncan's chest is the epitome of a gorilla's: bulky, enormous, and intimidating.


The debate of a theoretical boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson has haunted the minds of sports fans for decades. Is it better to be faster or stronger? Why not both? Our ideal being would have the agile, shuffling steps of Muhammad Ali and the relentless punch of Mike Tyson. The power behind Tyson’s punch came from the torque of his hip and the ultimate speed and natural rotation of his arm. He dipped down before he threw his right hand, springing up and ramming into the chin of his opponent.

Mike Tyson's Top 10 Best 1 punch KO's


The creature’s punch would not be possible without the legs of Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was the fastest heavy weight boxer to ever enter the ring. Some might argue he danced faster in the ring than did some light weights. His style evolved from a reliance on speed to a reliance on guile. Ali’s legs proved that he could not be hit (Liston) and proved they couldn't go down (Foreman). Ali relied on his lightning quick reflexes to avoid punches and knew just how to stay out the range of his opponents shots. His footwork was dazzling and there has never been another heavyweight that could compare. You see, Muhammad Ali just had this natural God given gift with his footwork, speed, and reflexes particularly earlier in his career and we will probably never see his likes again as far as charisma, popularity, charm, gift of gab, and natural boxing skills.

Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman - Final Punch