create an animal

by Dante

how is my animal going to survive 😄

1. my animal is a wolf ,carnivores.

2. it is 3ft long and 5ft high.

3. they eat elk ,fish ,birds and insects'.

4. its fur will keep it warm and it goes to drink the water when it rains.

5. it gets very hot or very cold but stays very mild all year and it rail for part of the year. The planet is partly mountainous.

6. it will defend itself from attackers it hides in a cave so they can't be seen.

plant adaptation 😃

1. my plant carnivorus

2. my plant is 5ft wide ,3ft long

3. my plant eat's predetors like snakes , monkey's and meat

4. the sun will give it water it will stay in the shade

5. it very mild all year but it is very cold for part of the year and very hot for part of the year

thats why they said it is mild all year

6. it will protect itself by having this poisin whenever it opens its moth that spits it on the animal and eat the predator