By Julia and Sampriti

Ask yourself, "Would you say it to someones face?"

If you wouldn't say it to their face, don't say it online.

Use proper punctuation

When sending an email to anyone, be sure to use correct punctuation. Don't use an exclamation mark if you're not screaming.

Remember your words are never erased

They will always be "out there," even if you delete it (post comment, etc.)


Dont do it. Site your sources.

Don't forward spam

It takes up space on the recipient's email and they don't want it filling up their feed.

Proper grammar

Don't send an email as if you were texting.

EX: hey wt u up 2. i need help on hw.

Don't use sarcasm online

Even though you may be joking, people online can take it offensively. You can't tell if the person is be sarcastic or not through text.

Don't post without permission

If you take a bad picture of someone, don't post it on social media without permission. They wouldn't want it on there.

Reread before sending

Make sure what you type and send things that are not offensive and/or rude.


Its not fun for others that are getting bullied, so don't do it.
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