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Recognition Newsletter November 2014


November specials must have been a hostess and customer favorite once again! Our Team Sales were at an all time high! Congratulations on making the most of your month girls...I hope it will follow through for you in to the New Year! I know we will all be busy during the next few weeks for the holidays! I want to make sure you are all out there sharing the amazing Thirty-One news so that your spring selling season will be in full bloom!

I love that I have been hearing from you with exciting news or questions...I am here to celebrate with you and help so please text me or message me anytime!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Your Director,

Michelle Holcomb

H-(814)827-1368 C-(814)657-5120 Email-

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Congrats to all you girls! Be proud of yourselves!

Startswell Earners

Level 3 - Alyssa (Diehl) Zampino

Level 4 - Jill Cummings

The StartSwell 120-Day Incentive was created to assist you in becoming familiar and comfortable with your new business, with great rewards to help you Start off Strong!

I want to thank everyone that has been out there working your businesses whether it's entering big parties, small parties or retail orders. We all do what fits into our lives. Congratulations to Michelle Nelson, Jill Cummings, Allison Lingo, Amy Lawler, Christy Wyant, Jessica Fritzsche, Jennifer Montgomery & Alyssa (Diehl) Zampino! I am proud of you all for working your businesses!

Team Stats

G0 Team Sales: $7,173.00

# of Team Parties: 17

# of Team Members: 14

Director stats:

My PV: $1,046.00

# of my parties: 3

My Commission: $261.50, but because I chose the path of leadership my income was


Senior Director stats: (Jill Holcomb)

PV: $2,703.00

# of parties: 7

Commission: $675.75, but because she chose the path of leadership her income was $1,988.04.

This is not to impress you, just to show you how the path of leadership can help. Thanks to you all!

If you would like to see more info regarding the career path and responsibilities check out TOT @ today!

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